The challenge for Pizza Hut

King in the 80’s and 90’s, Pizza Hut has become a nostalgic treat for the 35+ crowd. How does the brand reach millennials who were too young in its heyday to have nostalgia for Pizza Hut and the Pan Pizza?

‘Better Together’ is a digital ad campaign that engages millennials through the brand’s social media accounts (ie. Instagram) and connects them with the Pizza Hut’s new mobile app. The main differentiating aspect of this campaign is that it is LGBT-friendly and encourages love for Pizza Hut’s flagship product from any collective.


Pizza Hut


February 2017


Art Direction and Copywriting: Fidel Jimenez

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Once the users land on Pizza Hut’s website, a pop-up will invite them to download the new Pizza Hut mobile app. A modern and intuitive design that incorporates ‘Split the Bill’, the new feature that conveniently allows users to divide the check as they prefer, facilitating the online payment of user’s favorite pan pizzas.

Order, pay and enjoy your pizzas with the people you love the most. Better together!