The challenge for Centennial College

UI/UX Design proposal for the second version of Centennial College’s app. The design process followed these steps:

  1. Development of hypotheses based on the old app version.
  2. Designed of prototypes and wireframes of new app features and functionalities, first on paper and then with Axure.
  3. Tested of prototypes among students to collect feedback.
  4. Analysis of the data, to support the initial hypotheses or indicate new paths to follow in the design process of the app.
  5. Development of a new prototype based on the previous results.
  6. Repetition of steps 2, 3 and 4 with the new prototype one more time to make sure the new app design is intuitive enough for most of Centennial College’ students.

Centennial College


February 2017


Art Direction: Fidel Jimenez
Designer: Maria Cristina Mendes

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